Julian Lass

place saint sulpice

We are occasional friends, seeing one friend at a time, dispersing them out, so that a tension arises when we meet. This kind of friendship is by definition intermittent and no-one without pedantry can determine its optimal, or even its minimal frequency. The intermittent friend is not one who keeps a friendship intermittently, but one who only intermittently takes up the friendship. A friend who definitely renounces, and by this not only stops, but denies, ever having not been a friend. What defines a friend is less the constancy of the friend than the constancy of the friendship. One does not stop having been a friend if one stops being one. To be a friend, do I have to keep up a friendship with you without intermittence and without final interruption?

place saint sulpice: a performance by Julian Lass, Royal College of Art, 2016, 29’