Julian Lass

Bosch, a bushy name, of German suppliance.
A Bosch, Baden-born, good with electrics, fought
to save men from Nazis. Later 'bush' men sought
safety at sea, seeding the Siemens giant,

though those seamen, at war, were SS clients.
But now bushman and sailor are standing taut:
at Siemens Bosch, acting with little forethought,
excited by their new vacuum appliance,

'We named our hoover Zyklon', somewhat blithesome.
No limp bag like stopped lung, 'it spins!' (like Dyson’s).
But newspapers all scream 'the Nazis are back!'
'Here in the guise of this small Aryan vac.'
'Look!,' Boschmen bawl, can you speak to our bosses?'
'We're Techniker here, not profit and losses'.

*In 2002 the German electronics Giant Bosch Siemans Hausgeräte filed two applications with the US Patent & Trademark Office for the Zyklon name across a range of home products, including a vacuum cleaner. After public outrage, BSH began 'taking the necessary steps to withdraw its trademark applications' for Zyklon. See here and here.

**The hendecasyllabic (from the Greek for 11) metre is a line formed from 11 syllables. It was used in Ancient Greek (Aeolic) verse, and later by the Roman poet Catullus.